Motor Vehicle Accidents

Dedicated to Helping You Recover A car accident can change your life in an instant. From the moment of impact, a victim of a motor vehicle accident is confronted with issues and concerns that can cause great stress and anguish, including: Physical pa… Read More

Slip and Fall Accidents

Premises Liability If you are injured due to a dangerous condition on a property, whether on a sidewalk, in a store, or in a private home, you may be able to recover damages from the property owner. The owners of properties in New Jersey have a respo… Read More

Dog Bites

If you have been bit by a dog, New Jersey law entitles you to recover from the owner of the dog, regardless of whether or not the dog has a prior history of attacks or violence, if you were on public property or legally on the owner’s property.… Read More

Workplace Accidents

Every year, thousands of workers are seriously injured on the job. Severe workplace injuries can leave you temporarily or permanently disabled. Who will pay your medical expenses? How can you provide for your family if you are unable to work? What if… Read More

Construction Accidents

If you were you injured while working at or visiting a construction site, we can help you get the medical coverage you need and the financial considerations you deserve. From third-party lawsuits to workers’ compensation claims, we will make su… Read More

Wrongful Death

New Jersey Wrongful Death Lawyers When you have suffered the catastrophic and unexpected loss of a loved one in a fatal accident, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim. Our attorneys understand the complexity of emotions and concerns tha… Read More

Dangerous Products

Manufacturers and sellers of products have a duty to make and sell a product that is reasonably safe for its intended use. If you are injured at work or home because of a defective or dangerous product, you are entitled to recover damages for your lo… Read More

Professional Malpractice

Professional Malpractice Attorneys Professional malpractice claims result from the failure of a licensed professional to provide services that meets an acceptable standard of care required in their industry. Professional malpractice claims are comple… Read More