About Our Firm

Since being founded in 1922 to defend workers' rights against powerful employers, we have remained true to the firm's original mission of preserving and protecting the rights of working men and women while evolving our commitment to representing the interests of anyone who has suffered an injury due to the carelessness of another and advocating on behalf of our clients against insurance companies and corporate defendants with deep pockets and unlimited resources. The firm's founders were passionate about giving a voice to the people against controlling and dominating entities and we are committed to honoring their legacy by working tirelessly to preserve and protect the rights to working men and women as well as victims of negligence.

At the law offices of Wysoker, Glassner, Weingartner, Gonzalez and Lockspeiser in New Brunswick, New Jersey, we are extremely proud of our legacy of representing the rights and interests of working men and women for over 90 years and we strive to offer our best efforts to each of our clients so that we remain vigilant in ensuring our clients do not receive less than the full value of their loss. The vast majority of our cases are fought against powerful insurance companies and corporate defendants. Fighting against a billion dollar industry and wealthy corporations is never a fair fight, but our experience and diligence level the playing field for our clients.

Firm History

The firm was founded in 1922 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey by David Mandel, a young Princeton graduate. A large portion of the local population in Perth Amboy, a thriving industrial town, was employed by numerous big employers in the town. Mr. Mandel's liberal ideals compelled him to dedicate his practice to representing the rights of the factory workers to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages. His commitment to and reputation for advocating for the rights of working men and women led to his affiliation with a large number of unions in the Perth Amboy area whom he represented in negotiations with employers. Members of these unions became the bulk of the firm's early clientele with Mr. Mandel increasingly focusing his practice on the representation of his clients in Workers' Compensation actions against their employers.

In 1953, Mr. Mandel partnered with NYU graduate, Jack Wysoker. Mr. Wysoker was passionate about fighting inequality and protecting the rights of the working class. He felt that the power structure of society was against the lower class and dedicated his career to fighting to raise up the lower class. As an active participant in the civil right movement, the firm's representation of unions and their members expanded to encompass all members of society who were victims of oppression. Besides working tirelessly to build the firm's workers' compensation practice, Mr. Wysoker was active in the community and was active in the rising civil rights movement, representing the NAACP locally in New Brunswick, and also traveling to Alabama to participate in the movement.

In the 1950s, Harold Sherman established the firm's automobile negligence department through the firm's client base. Bertram Glassner joined the firm in late 1950s to handle the expanding negligence caseload. The firm opened a New Brunswick branch office in the 1950s. Murray Weingartner joined the firm in the 1960s to handle the numerous workers' compensation cases. In the 1980s, the New Brunswick office became the firm's primary location although Mr. Wysoker maintained a satellite office in Perth Amboy until his death in 2005.

We remain committed to working hard to get our clients the justice they deserve. We are proud of the work we have done and the work we continue to do and the results we get for our clients.

Small Firm Service, Big Firm Results

Our attorneys share a vast array of knowledge, skills and resources, with the three partners alone sharing close to a century of experience. We know that the best representation requires close contact with our clients. That is why at Wysoker, Glassner, Weingartner, Gonzalez and Lockspeiser, you will meet directly with your attorney. We will work closely with you to listen to your needs and concerns and help you understand your options. We take the time to prepare every file as if it were going to trial, instead of just reaching for an easy settlement that doesn't protect your rights to the full extent of the law.

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